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  1. JaCyn
    JaCyn UraMallas
    Thanks for the debate I learned a little about myself I do tend to veiw the large problems black and white while not the ones a lot closer to home. I'll think on it thanks again.
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  2. zimman18
  3. AndoverClone
    AndoverClone AdamJGray
    Wondering if your group walked to the game from hotel last night. Reachable? We do not have hotel yet and thinking of Hilton. Brother staying at doubletree that is all booked up.
    1. AdamJGray
      I believe a group did. Otherwise we had our bus pick everyone up after the game.
      Mar 17, 2017
  4. ethanwilson
  5. CloneRaider
    CloneRaider DollaDollaBill
    I am interested in 2 tickets
  6. cyhigh
    cyhigh rochclone
    Still have the section 115 tickets available? If so, how much?
  7. field33
    field33 cycfan1
    Are your 4 lowers still available for tonight?
    1. BillBrasky4Cy
      You bet! Go Cyclones!
      Mar 10, 2017
  9. BillBrasky4Cy
    BillBrasky4Cy NATEizKING
    Responding to your hotel inquiry. I booked a room for Saturday night at Extended Stay America by country club plaza and have until 6:00 pm tomorrow to cancel.
  10. cyclonebillski
    cyclonebillski 5thGenCyclone
    I actually was able to get a cheaper ticket. Thanks for the offer. Go Cyclones.
  11. cyclonebillski
    cyclonebillski 5thGenCyclone
    My phone # is 515-520-1724 if you want to text me about the ticket. I'll be down at the Power and Light around 1030.
  12. greatshu
    greatshu CYZMIC
    Still selling your tix? Maybe 100 for both ($50 a piece)?
  13. CRcyclone6
    CRcyclone6 cycopath25
    I'm serious about one of those shirts. Would he be willing to make another?
  14. Dad55Alumni
    Semi Retired.... NCAA basketball fan. Dad and sister kids went to ISU
  15. IA_Cyclone70
  16. 5thGenCyclone
    5thGenCyclone Babiscuit
    Are these all sessions tickets for $300 a piece or individual game tickets? Would you be willing to sell just one?


    Go Clones!
  17. 5thGenCyclone
    5thGenCyclone Cyclonefan710
    I'll pay $190 for your all sessions section 232 row 12 single ticket. I'm just a little concerned that if things don't go out way on Thursday that unloading a less than ideal single for anything respectable will be very challenging. I could be wrong, but that's what past experience have taught me. I can meet in DM before or KC Thursday morning. If you're interested my cell is 515-554-1684.
    1. Cyclonefan710
      Sorry I need to update the post. Ticket has been sold
      Mar 5, 2017
  18. CYber_saber
  19. cyclonestate1
    cyclonestate1 isutoad
    Hey, saw your post about the 4 in section 206. Are these all session tickets? How much are you looking for for them?
  20. clonehome
    clonehome Sorg4Cy
    "your" 2 tix